Double Digits

My little baby girl is now 10 months old, and she has become very active. She loves standing, in fact it is her choice mode of transportation now, although I think it will still be a while until she is actually walking.

Her blue eyes are a sight to behold at least here in Latin America where every child is born with brown eyes. Because of her eyes everyone here thinks she looks like a baby doll.

She is obsessed with her big sister.

And I mean obsessed, she follows her around everywhere she goes, she gets so excited to go and pick Lucy up at school, and in the mornings she crawls to her room when she hears her wake up.

She loves to eat, so far I haven't found anything that she won't eat.

Her new favorite toy is a ball.

Even when she is sad she is still stinking cute, don't you think?

Happy 10 month birthday baby girl. We love you so much and love watching you grow big.

Camera Time

So after 5 months of waiting while our nice camera (Nikon D-40) got sent off to the States to fix a minor part, at last it is back! The girls and I had a fun time taking pictures, playing at the park, and enjoying snack time.

A Good Read

I read this article this morning and it hit close to home, it reminds me of our own little Lucy (and I am sure one day Ellie too) as she fully embraces this new culture. Even this morning as I dropped her of at school, with a teacher who couldn't understand her, she shed a few tears, and then looked at me and said I love you and goodbye, what a brave little girl!

It is always good to be reminded that no matter where we are, this world is not our home.

Typical Playtime at Our House

The sisters love playing together!

Ellie thinks Lucy is hilarious.

See they love playing together.

For a short time that is, then big sister gets disinterested and runs off and leaves little sister all alone.

And then Ellie decides no worries, she will just keep grinning away.

And this is a 10 second glimpse into the girls playtime.


Today was Lucy's first day of Preschool. We decided to put Lucy into a neighborhood school this year to help increase her Spanish ability, and to allow us to get to know some families in our neighborhood.

Lucy has been very excited about attending school the past 2 weeks and this morning when I told her it was time to go she could barely contain herself. Doesn't she look cute in her school uniform?

Here is a shot of the school, it is pretty small as you can see and has classes for ages 3-5. She will attend 3 days a week from 8-11.

We pray that this will be a good experience for Lucy to make friends and get more comfortable with her Spanish. Right now I (Lindsey) am home alone, with Ellie sleeping, it is amazing how quiet the house is, I miss her already.

Play Time

Playing is what the McCann girls do best and Sarah was a great playmate for the month that she was here.

Lucy loves her "babies" and she especially loves putting them to sleep, so here they all are cuddled up together.

We found Ellie this new toy at one of our favorite used stores. As you can see, she is a big fan.

While choosing a toy for Ellie, we realized it wouldn't be fair unless Lucy got to get a toy that day too. So here she is with her new baby stroller.

Playing tea party with her fairies.

Lucy and her fairy house.


Today was a big futbol match here in Honduras vs. Costa Rica. The whole family dressed up for the occasion to cheer our team to victory. The final score was 4-0, go Honduras!!

By the way I have been reading some photography blogs and had a lesson today with Sarah on how to enhance some of my pictures, so that is why they might look a little different.

Guest Blog Post by Intern Sarah

Despite being called “Erin” a few times at first, everyone eventually adjusted to “nanny # 2” and learned my name (Sarah). This past month, living under the mango tree in the McCann’s backyard, I’ve learned that taking care of children in the Honduran climate is not always pretty, but it’s real. And in that vein, here's a “top 10” list of my own.

Things I’ve learned as a nanny in La Ceiba, Honduras:

1) Never remove a baby’s diaper more than 30 seconds prior to placing him/her into the tub.
2) Bug spray will only slightly reduce the likelihood of getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.
3) Never go anywhere without a pacifier.
4) Don’t eat the salad!
5) Sometimes the best kinds of friends are imaginary.
6) It is possible to sweat profusely even when idle.
7) To Honduran women, bras are only a suggestion. Openly nursing a 3-year-old is also completely normal.
8) The key to a 2-year-old’s heart is always having plenty of snacks and juice boxes.
9) Beware of recipes entitled “brownie pudding cake."
10) Parenting demands unnatural amounts of patience, cheerios, and fresh clothes, but the payoff is a lifetime of free entertainment!

Lord willing, this won’t be my last time under the mango tree. I’ve loved every minute of my stay here in La Ceiba: the good, the sweaty, and the ugly.
I love you, McCanns and will miss you dearly! Thank you for your hospitality and friendship to me this past month!!

Sarah Meyer

Day Off in Paradise

Today was our visiting summer team's day off and they wanted to go snorkeling. Sean was such a sweet and thoughtful husband, he insisted I go and enjoy the day off. So off I went to enjoy a beautiful day in Paradise.

We first took these small boats for about 45 minutes off the coast of La Ceiba to some islands known as Cayos Cachinos.

This was the view...

Crystal clear water, and beautiful scenery all around.

Thatched roof houses.

Sarah and I had a great time snorkeling together. We spent about a hour snorkeling in this beautiful area that had tons of reef and coral, it was so neat to see all the beautifully colorful fish.

Looking good, don't you think?!

A wonderful day to enjoy God's beautiful creation here in Honduras. It is amazing to me that this beautiful place where there are views of both the ocean and the mountains is where I call home.

Then and Now

We went to our local park the other day and I began to think about our first visit to the park back in January when we arrived in La Ceiba, Honduras. I was amazed when I came home and looked at these pictures at how fast our girls grow and change in just 7 months. So I hope you enjoy some then and now pictures of our girls.

The "now" taller and leaner Lucy.

The chunkier (I think you can even spot a extra arm roll) and more alert Ellie.

And as you can see Lucy has become a little more wilder and unkept now as well!

Goodbye Intern

First it was Jamie, then Andy, and now Josh, all of The Intern (as they were called) have left us now.

It is amazing for me to think that Josh has been here for all 9 months (and more since he arrived in Costa Rica in September) of Ellie's life.

Lucy and all The Intern had a special bond and it is sad now that they are all gone. Josh and Lu especially had a fun playful relationship together.

Here are some more pictures of all our great memories together with Josh and our family...

Saturday morning pancake breakfast McCann tradition.

River fun.

Panama trip.

First time Josh held Ellie, in the bjorn nevertheless.

Chillin at the beach.

We love you Josh and will miss serving alongside of you. Now our Honduras team is officially just us and the Pettengills (well after the summer ends and all the summer teams leave) but check out this exciting news, we have new teammates coming prayerfully in January!