When trying to find pictures for this post, I realized I don't have any of Lucy by herself and that is because she is always taking care of her younger sisters. She has a little mommy heart, which most of the time is super helpful and yet some times it turns into wanting to control every one and every situation. For the most part though, she really loves her sisters well. I am not sure what I am going to do with out her when she starts Preschool in a week. I love watching her little mind at work as she is learning and discovering new things every day. She has grown so much socially since returning to the States, and we are anxious to see how she will do going to a new school where she knows no one in her class. I think school will be the biggest cultural adjustment she has experienced thus far, so we are trying to prepare her well and praying for good transitions.

Lucy you are loved and adored by your family.


I don't even have to type any words to describe this girl because you can tell everything about this little girl by her facial expressions. She is the definition of wearing her heart on her sleeve. These pictures show who she is perfectly: fun, energetic, entertaining, full of life, dancing girl. Only I don't have a picture of her completely melting down which would be the other spectrum of her. When this girl is happy she is ALL happy, and when she is sad she is ALL sad. I think this will make for some interesting teenage years :)

Ellie girl I hope you keep your passion for life for years to come. We love you.


I will start with a update of this sweet little child, since she hardly ever gets time focused just on her. Recently the grandparents took the two bigs away for a week and I had 4 whole days alone with this little one, it was such a precious time to focus just on her. She is such a easy going baby and yet she has a lot of spunk. I am pretty sure she will be my baby who hits and bites kids in the nursery only because she won't take crap from anyone, especially not her big sisters. Everyone's #1 comment about her is how busy she is. She is into everything and can climb the stairs faster than I can run up them. I am not sure she will ever learn how to walk, just run. She has 2 teeth, can say she is so big, says dada, and points at anything and everything. She loves to eat anything that she can feed herself and pick up with her fingers. She won't sit still to drink her bottle I literally give it to her as she climbs all over me like a monkey. She loves to eat paper, toilet paper being her one of choice.

We love you Anna girl.

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I am going to attempt to get back to blogging regularly. I have to confess that having 3 kids, and no longer living overseas where family were constantly bugging me for pics, has kind of made me unmotivated to blog. Really the only thing that keeps me going is my nagging sister (I love you!) and the fact that I am determined not to be the mom who has no pictures of her 3rd child (although Anna I am sorry but your baby book is going to be small). Plus I know that I still have friends overseas and therefore I am going to do my best to keep them updated with our life. I will leave you of the latest pictures of all 3, something that is hard to capture most days.