Last Saturday

Yesterday was our last Saturday in NYC, so we tried to take advantage of it. After our traditional pancakes, Lucy headed for a bath, but not before posing for the camera. This picture here is the most modest of the bunch.

The bath pretty much wore her out, as you can tell by her eyes and hair.

After her much needed nap, we headed to the heart of Harlem to go to the famous Sylvias resturant. It was some of the best soul food we ever had, and Lucy even enjoyed her first taste of fried chicken.

For dinner we met some friends who are going to Japan at a Japanese place near Times Square. It was delicious sushi, dumplings, tempura, and teriyaki, and even Lucy was eyeing our Bento Box.

All in all a great day of naked babies and ethnic food. Gotta love New York.

All Our Bags Are Packed, We're Ready To Go...

One thing that Lucy and I are both learning here in New York is how to be flexible. Tonight I was babysitting for another little girl and forgot to get the key to her apartment where her bed, pjs, dinner, diapers, etc. were. So all that to say we had to be creative. Since this little girl is walking and therefore a lot more mobil than Lucy, we decided to put Lucy to bed in the suitcase and Savannah to bed in the crib. Makes for a great photo opportunity that is for sure.

Lucy visits the Zoo

Today Lucy woke up from a short nap and I thought why don't we go to the Bronx Zoo. On Wednesdays there is a special admission price so we got in for $1. We only had about 1 hour to breeze through the park so we didn't get to see too much, but we still had a blast.

You can tell that Lucy really enjoyed herself.

We got to see this Lion eating AND afterwards he threw up a hair ball. Who knew lions got hair balls? It was pretty disgusting I am not going to lie.

You can't tell from this picture but we got up close and personal with the Polar Bear, it was my favorite animal we saw all day.

Lucy had to make sure the bear wasn't going to sneak up behind her and eat her. She was very curious at watching this big scary thing move all around.

Bath Time Fun

Lucy and Noa took a bath together the other night. What fun these two girls are having together here in New York.

Saturday Mornings in Manhattan

Whenever Sean and I have the time to sleep late, one of us ends up taking Lucy to the nearby park while the other gets a little extra rest. We switch each Saturday so it turns out to be a pretty sweet deal. On the way home from the park we pick up coffee, juice, and some bagels for breakfast.

Today we had our breakfast in the courtyard of the seminary where we live. This courtyard is a beautiful place to escape from the noise and dirt of New York, it is one of our favorite places to go.

Staten Island

On Friday we got out of our meeting early so we decided to go on the Staten Island ferry. It was the perfect day for this outing, cool and sunny. We had a lot of fun seeing Lady Liberty. Afterwards we walked around Southern Manhattan or the Financial District as they call it here.

As you can tell it was a little windy but a beautiful day for a nice boat ride.

The ride wore Lucy out so she decided to have a little siesta.

This is the "famous" bull on Wall Street, you may also remember it from the movie Hitch.

Lucy and the Alien

We went out to eat at a crazy restaurant tonight to celebrate the birthday of Jackson, a new little friend we have made here in New York. It was a fun place to eat with a lot going on, Lucy freaked out a couple of times...but who wouldn't look at these guys?!

Jackson is the boy with his hands up, he turned 8 today.

Look at Lucy's face...

Over stimulation?!?!

Learning to Share

Lucy has really enjoyed having a kid here her same age to play with. It is fun to watch her interact with someone who likes so much like her. They really do play with each other well, except for the occasional stealing of toys. We are going to miss Noa when we leave New York.

Lucy and Chairs

When we put Lucy on the floor now the first thing she does is crawl to the chair and immediatly gets underneath it. She loves playing under it for some reason. Here are some shots of her playing with the chair.

I guess she is going to be learning how to pull herself up too. What a whole new world we are entering!

A Slower Sunday

After our crazy Sunday last week, we came up with a better game plan today.

First, we let Lucy have a nice long nap even though it made us 45 minutes late to church (but all we missed was the singing of 2 songs!)

Next, Daddy and daughter on the subway to Queens. Lucy sure is learning the ropes of city travel.

On the way back from church, Sean jumped off the train to catch another church service (this one in English, Redeemer Pres.) Lindsey and Lu headed home in the heat and like most days, stripped down upon arrival.

During dinner, Lucy got to watch her favorite Baby Einstein videos.

As you can see here, she loves them!

Busy Saturday PM

After filling up on pancakes, we met up with some new friends and headed to the Museum of Natural History (think "A Night at the Museum") Thanks to the New York State tax payers, we got into this huge Museum for a mere $2!

We started off in the North American animal exhibit, where Lucy saw here first bear.

Here we all are with some giant elk. Lucy was pretty good in the Museum for the most part. We had to take a break to feed here, but she rode around in her stroller well.

And here (we're in Africa now) is Lucy checking out the lions. We're pretty sure we heard her say "Aslan?" (Also, for you astute observers, you will note that Lucy has changed here mode of transportation. Like her mother, Lucy loves physical touch, so the longer she is in the sling, the better.)

After Lucy fell asleep in Lindsey's arms, we headed up to see the dinosaurs. Here is Lindsey and Lucy next to our new friend Zhenya and her son Liam.

And lastly we found "Rexy," who is by far the most popular item in the whole place.

We had a great time in the Museum and once again, Lucy is the ultimate trooper!

Busy Saturday AM

We started of this lovely Saturday having some folks over for a McCann Saturday morning tradition of blueberry pancakes. Unfortunantly, Lucy slept through most of the meal.

Here is Sean cooking with Madison Pettengill, who is going with us to Honduras.

Some other folks enjoyed the pancakes. As you can tell, our apartment is pretty bare!


So Lucy continues to crawl a little more each day. Now don't get the wrong idea, she is not flying all over the place, but she is moving to get things she wants.

Here is Sean trying to coax her into crawling around the corner.

Sometimes she just likes to be near her mom while she cooks.

Here she is getting ready to go...

On the move...

And finally reaching her destination.